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Save Money at the Pump with the Hyundai Ioniq  

Every year new vehicles continue to advance in technology, features, abilities on the road, more power with less use of gas, and remarkable driving experiences. The new Hyundai Ioniq if a perfect example of blending fantastic design with the newest innovations. There are 3 options for the new Hyundai Ioniq:

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid
The Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid is for customers who are looking for a hybrid option. With this vehicle you will safe money at the pump, extend gas mileage, and have the level of style and comfort you would want from a sedan without compromise.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric
The Hyundai Ioniq Electric is an all electric solution for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and take advantage of the latest in technology. It is available only to California residents, but there will be a greater roll out yet to come for Chapel Hills customers, Colorado City customers and Pueblo area customers.

Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid
The Hyundai Ioniq plug-in Hybrid is coming this fall and offers amazing efficiency, distinct exterior design lower carbon footprint, and it is a comfortable ride.
If you would like to learn more about any of our vehicles at Phil Long Hyundai Of Chapel Hills, or if you have any questions, we would like to meet you in person and would be happy to assist you in finding your new dream vehicle that will compliment your needs on the road near Colorado City.

When considering a new or used car, cross-over or SUV in the Chapel Hills area, we invite you to visit our dealership first! Phil Long Hyundai Of Chapel Hills will help you in all aspects of researching your next vehicle, so that the features and functions fit with your needs. Next we make it simple by explaining everything finance or lease related in a non-intimidating way. Our goal is to meet your needs and help you on your adventure to car ownership with ease. Have a trade-in? We
will give you a free estimate of the value of your car.

We do have affordable lease options for new vehicles. Shop our selection of new cars, cross-overs and SUVs and we'll help you with a lease program that fits your budget. There are a variety of lease options available, so come in and see us today!

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The 2017 Hyundai Sonata was Built for Performance - A Hi-Tech Vehicle 

The 2017 Hyundai Sonata starts at $21,950 and is the most spacious, hi-tech sedan on the market. The Sonata comes standard with many features that vehicles like the Camry do not, at a price point that is more affordable. You will be extremely comfortable riding in this sedan to work, schools, grocery stores, and on road trips. It is a great family car with a sporty edge, and is a perfect vehicle for someone just starting out on a new career.

The Sonata has lots of advanced technology safety features available like Automatic Emergency Braking system, which uses both a camera and radar sensor to assist the driver in avoiding hazards and accidents. There are rear view camera/ rear parking sensors, blind spot detection, lane departure warning with rear cross-traffic alert and lane change assist to make sure you stay on track. Additionally dynamic bending lights help brighten up turns for Colorado Springs customers.

The 2017 Sonata has five drivetrain choices, with four-cylinder, 245-horsepower 2.0T twin-scroll turbo engine as standard.Drive mode select regulates both engine and transmission steering settings between eco, normal and sport to match the owner's driving style. Dual lower arm rear suspension improves braking and stability. Come in today for a test drive of the 2017 Hyundai Sonata at Phil Long Hyundai Of Chapel Hills today! We are located a 1540 Auto Mall Loop, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920 and we proudly serve drivers in Chapel Hills, Colorado Springs, and Colorado City. We are also located not far from the Pueblo area.

Summer Vehicle Protection

Forget Chapel Hills winters, summers can bring the heat to Colorado, including Pueblo and surrounding areas. Hot weather means it is time to think about driving in the heat and how that affects your car or truck before you hit the road for all your summer adventures. Phil Long Hyundai Of Chapel Hills recommends having your vehicle inspected by a certified service technician one to two weeks before your trip to so you have a piece of mind and don't get stranded by car issues. Common car issues during the summer can include coolant issues, radiator leakage and the air conditioner dying.

A/C System
Chances are that you weren't cranking the air conditioning during the cold winter months. The system may need new filters, a cleaning, or a re-charging.
If you're not a do-it-your-selfer, the service team at Phil Long Hyundai Of Chapel Hills is available to making sure you remain comfortable on the road with a working A/C system.

Check Your Fluids
You can save yourself a lot of hassle in the hot-weather months by monitoring your car's fluids. Fluids that you should check include:
* Coolant: This is the big one. If your coolant/antifreeze level is too low, it can cause overheating.
* Motor oil
* Transmission fluid
* Brake fluid
* Power-steering fluid
* Windshield wiper fluid

Monitor Tire Pressure 
A freezing winter can take a toll on your tires. If you use one set of tires year-round, now is a good time to bring your car in for a tire rotation, a check on the tread, and to ensure that they're inflated properly. If it turns out that your tires need to be replaced, we can help you choose tires that suit your vehicle and are built to last.

Replace Your Battery 
If your car has an old battery, extreme summer heat can spell trouble. To avoid expensive repairs, it's worth having your car's battery tested, or even replaced. Getting a new battery altogether will cost you less than it would to have a dead battery serviced if your car breaks down.

To make your service appointment, you can schedule service online or call (719) 722-2362 to make an appointment. Our certified mechanics and state-of-the-art facility makes sure your service is done right the first time. We feature GM Certified Service technicians. We look forward to helping ensure that you enjoy the summer with no vehicle issues! 

Tips for Child Car Seats 

The safety of all children is something we should all take very seriously. Here are some tips that could safe the life of one of our kids. Buy a used car seat only if you know its full crash history. That means you must buy it from someone you know, not from a thrift store or over the Internet. Once a car seat has been in a crash or is expired or broken, it needs to be replaced. We know that when adults wear seat belts, kids wear seat belts. So be a good example and buckle up for every ride. Be sure everyone in the vehicle buckles up, too.

Car Seat Installations Tips
The main types of infant car seats include:
* Rear-facing seats, which are required for all children up to 12 months old
* Convertible car seats, which are designed to be modified as your child grows and may include more gadgets and straps that aid with restraint.

When installing a car seat:
* Place it in the back seat.
* Ensure the seatbelt straps/tethers are tight. You should not be able to move any strap, harness, or the entire seat itself more than an inch
  if the car seat is properly locked into place by doing one of the following:
   - Using the latch plate on the seatbelt
   - Enabling the seatbelt retractor
   - Installing a locking or belt-shortening clip
   - If available, using the car seat's built in lock-off device.

Make sure there are no twists in the seat belt straps. Make sure the base of the car seat is at the correct recline angle. Many car seats come with a built-in adjuster or angle indicator. If you have a vehicle manufactured prior to 1997, you may need to use a locking clip, which is used to create a fixed length of webbing on a lap/shoulder belt when there is no other way to lock the belt, and must be positioned within 1 inch from the latch plate.

If your car seat came with a base, the carrier handle should be out of the way when the car seat is attached. Read your car seat's instructions.

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