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Hyundai Makes the Safest Cars

All vehicle manufacturers are extremely conscious about safety these days. Even so, we are confident that Hyundai produces the safest vehicles on the road today. Case in point, the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, Genesis Sedan and Sonata all won the 2016 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Government 5-start overall safety rating. 

The NHTSA works on a five star scale, with five stars being the best score possible in each category. The Safety Ratings program was created so that consumers like yourself would be able to quickly and easily be informed of the vehicle's crashworthiness, crash avoidance and other areas that account for the overall safety of vehicles. 

The ratings are meant to be used by manufacturers, dealers and advertising agencies to accurately convey the vehicle's safety scores while also allowing comparison between models on an even scale. Five stars is the highest rating in any given category, and the categories do not add up, so a car with a 10 star rating is not possible. 

Frontal Crash Safety Ratings 

The frontal crash rating is actually broken into two parts, a driver seating rating as well as a passenger position rating. There is also an overall frontal crash safety rating provided by the NHTSA which is the number most generally seen. This rating is considered the quickest way to communicate the safety of a given vehicle to potential customers for a particular crash type. 

Side Crash Safety Ratings 

 Another crash test that receives star ratings from NHTSA is the side crash. Again, this rating has both a front seat position rating as well as a rating for the rear seating position for barrier crashes. When one is shown, the other is shown as well, and there is also the overall side barrier crash safety rating for a quick reference for shoppers. 

There is also a side pole crash rating that follows the same rules. The NHTSA combines results from both tests to achieve and overall side crash test rating for the front as well as the rear seats. The overall rating is represented as the overall side crash safety rating, and if the NHTSA deems that there is a significant difference between the left and right side, the ratings will be reflected as __ star rating only applies to the driver's or passenger's side. 

Rollover Safety Rating 

There is also a category of star rating that involves a vehicle's rollover safety rating. This is a single rating, rather than front, rear, driver and passenger side ratings like the other categories. Overall Vehicle Score the overall vehicle score is the accumulation of the overall ratings from frontal and side crash tests as well as the rollover safety rating. Again, the highest overall vehicle score achievable is that of five stars total. 

Learn more about the Hyundai cars that achieved the overall five star safety rating here: 2016 Santa Fe Sport, 2016 Genesis, 2016 Sonata.  

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