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As time moves on, women are going forward in the automotive industry, and they are helping women and men around the country feel safe, respected, and welcome when purchasing a vehicle or services. Walking into a dealership and meeting with a female dealer, anyone feels a certain level of comfort and trust. 

The truth is, many people are unfamiliar or intimidate about the car buying process and because of this feel they are taken advantage of when seeking automotive services. Women, in particular, continuously dread these automotive experiences for fear that they will seldom be addressed, treated unfairly, or pay more than they should for services. Women have discovered that if they shopped for cars with their husbands or boyfriends, the male auto dealer rarely speaks to them. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic, only 21.4% of auto dealers are women, 51% of licensed drivers in the US are women, 54% of people who buy cars are female, and 80% of the time, women are behind the final decisions when buying a car. Women are crucial and significantly contribute to a dealership's sales! 

Thankfully, the auto industry is increasingly hiring on educated female dealers who know and understand the working parts of the auto industry. As a result, these female representatives are creating a welcoming environment for both men and women who often feel hesitant about working with dealers. 

While women being a huge presence in the automotive industry is rather surprising to most, it is not unusual or unheard of for businesses in the auto industry to occasionally hire an entirely female staff. 

A great example is auto business, Victoria Auto Smart in Victoria, Texas. After having accidentally hired a whole female staff, they discovered that even though their staff was completely female, they still performed rather well in their sales because consumers felt safe in the environment. 

The increase in hiring female representatives is taking place around the country and not too far north of Victoria, Texas. 

Phil Long Hyundai at Chapel Hills in Colorado Springs, Colorado has an impressive female staff present and here to fulfill the needs of any and all women looking to purchase a car of their own or with a partner. Every day, they strive to meet your needs when buying a vehicle and they understand the hesitation you feel when making these important decisions. 

They are educated in the auto industry and will provide you with the help you need so you can drive off the lot feeling great about your decisions. There are many benefits of having a Hyundai Chapel Hills female dealer on your side. They are empathetic, they naturally cater to the needs of their customers, they offer a more welcoming environment to their consumers, and people feel more confident in purchasing services or vehicles at a fair price. 

Purchasing a vehicle is an important decision and shouldn't be a terrifying process. If you feel like you need a dealer you can trust, the respect you deserve, and a sense of professionalism, We Get It! 

Visit Phil Long Hyundai Chapel Hills and chat with any one of our female representatives. We are women in business helping women and men consumers feel confident in their automotive related choices. You can trust us 

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